Inherit the Wind
(C) Geoff May

The wind of a thousand years settles down on me
As I think of my life and what I could have done
And what I did I now know I shouldn't have done.
I don't understand how it happened
But when it did, nothing was wrong.
You tell me to listen, but how can it be
To ignore what I've seen, what I know and have heard
How can I lay it down and go on with my life
When it's such a big part of me?
Trying my best I get closer each time,
But each time, I fall farther away.
Help me, I beg of you, I need to escape
I want to be happy and free.

I open my eyes, see the red of the sun
Look around, see the blue of the sky,
But I think of my life and wonder how it could be
That I was chosen to live in this place.
If each person has a soul, and not one is the same
With billions of souls on earth,
Then why out of all of them would I be made
To look to the sky at this time
And wonder of what my life would have been like
If I had listened to myself from the start.
I have no choice but to go on and forget
Of the things I once did, and regret.
A hope of which seems impossiby tough
But it's something that I must do.

One thing I can cling to that helps me when in need,
A passage from a song I know from a band that I once heard,
"Lay it down, let it go; don't hold on you're free you know.
The chains are gone, so spread your wings and learn to fly."
The meaning so real, so strong and true;
Inherit the wind is all I can do, to forget what I regret I have done.