True Purpose
Ode to a Snowflake

(C) Geoff May

Soaring through the clouds with no worries, no cares,
Watching the world pass below.
Forgetting the troubles and things gone wrong
With a world we still just don't know.
Then with the wind's gust get blown up to the sky
To a place I've never been before
Just to look down again at the place I once knew
And the clouds I once did adore.

I look at the ground growing nearer this time
But am pulled back up high to the sky.
My hopes and fears keep returning to me;
My life, before my eyes, flashes by.
I thought of a way for this torture to end
As the air around me grew warm.
And I knew right then that I had not much time
And was tossed back away from the harm.

The last time I looked down, I saw where I'd end,
And I thought just how useless it was
For me to be made, tossed up, down, and aside
And to land among others just 'cause.
But what hit me right then was a purpose so true
So I landed on a pane; waiting days.
Then I saw a child come, she looked straight at me,
Before I'd melt, I'd brought a smile to her face.