(C) Geoff May

One night, while I was walking along the beach by a lake I had camped by, I was listening to the gentle breeze and calm waves of the water. Evening was setting in, and the sun had just begun it's journey below the horizon. As I looked up once again, looking into the refreshing breeze, I at once noticed the wonderful hue the sky took towards the horizon. A colour I had never seen before; a mixture of so many soft colours created the perfect combination for the most beautiful colour there could possibly be. At that time I could think of nothing else but staying there, wishing someone were there to share that glorious moment with me. Now, when I look into your eyes, I see the one colour I have never been able to forget, not then, not now, not ever. That colour recalls memories of peace, love, and gentle caring. Now, that I see you, see the colour, and have these feelings once again, I only wish we could both be there, on that beach, looking out into the horizon of the setting sun, where sky meets ground, day meets night, and warmth meets love.

The evening breeze had just begun
When I stepped out to the sand.
It's softness, warmth and gentle touch
I sifted through my hand.

Along the beach, the water rolled
The moon had been made new.
The whistling wind, and waving sea
Had not come a moment too soon.

When the dark of night began to grow
It marked the sun's descent,
The night's own trademarks - The twinkling lights -
The stars began their ascent.

And at this stage, look up to see
An astounding, unexplainable sight.
The setting sun and blue of day
Was mixing with the night.

No normal sunset, if I ever did say,
Has ever had such grace.
I caught myself standing, wondering to myself
Why no one else knew of this place.

I only wished I could stay there for life
Not alone, but with someone to love;
To share the feelings I get from this miracle
And the wonder that comes from above...

You're here I can see; I look to your eyes
And behold such a beautiful sight.
I don't see the eyes the common man sees,
But that sunset's radiating light.

I stand entranced, remorseful at first
That you may never be there with me
To experience the warmth and the gentle breeze
And the love portrayed to me.

But I wish sometime soon, you could possibly see
The colour I'll never forget-
The colour I see when you open your eyes
Of that beautiful, miracle sunset.