5: Solution

(C) Geoff May

Finally remembering why I was here and how to get out, I decided I could spend as much more time I wanted being carefree and life-threateningly dangerous. So I started flying around - through the clouds, through the ground, up some twisters, and down some holes.

Then I decided to create an ocean to dive in and explore, so I did! The underwater view was spectacular. I went down 100 feet, 200 feet, 300 feet, and kept going. I created my own light to see.

Fish were swimming in humungous schools, so I swam right through one. I noticed a shark, so I got it's attention. The thing just swam right up and attacked! First it bit my leg off, then my right arm. It tickled, so I started to laugh! Then it bit my head off. The view inside the shark was amazing. I could see it's teeth - from the inside, and could feel it grinding me to a pulp. This was definately an experience to remember! Eventually it started to get boring so I evaporated the shark, grabbed my missing ligaments and stuck them back on.

I explored like this for hours on end, but eventually I started to tire out, so I sat down to rest for a bit. I was feeling exhausted, and decided I'd better stop. So I reached to the back of my neck and pressed the button.

My image swirled around and eventually disappeared into the center of the screen. As my vision began to return, I looked around. I was home.

This story illustrates the way computers are growing today. Specifically, Virtual Reality. This was an example of what I believe VR will be like in the VERY near future. The narrator was completely taken over by full body and sense immersion.

The VR machine tapped into his brain and created all the senses through VR - smell, sound, taste, touch, and of course, sight. Unfortunately when he entered VR for the first time, he was overcome by the sensory input, causing his mind to be 'knocked out' for a short time, forgetting where he was. This shows just one of the many possible dangers of creating a new world for total immersion. Our minds may not be made for understanding complete non-physical worlds. I admit this VR would be fun, and today's VR is, but as time goes on, be careful, and don't let it take over your life. But for now, VR is perfectly safe, and a great form of entertainment. So GO WILD!