4: It All Becomes Clear

(C) Geoff May

I had no air; yet I could breath. All was black. I was blind, yet I could see. There were no sounds, yet I could hear sounds. Nothing now made any sense, and I began to believe this was all a dream. Where was I, and who was I? I was here, yes, and I was me, but where was here? And who was I? Every thought I could ever think passed through my mind as I tried to sort through the sights and sounds of this strange place.

I couldn't ease the stress; I couldn't understand what it meant. I couldn't feel my body, the sand, or anything around me. But I knew where I was - trapped, under who knows how much sand.

It seemed like hours, but I could not believe that, because nothing was real. Was there someone behind this torment, or was it all in mind? 'Too many thoughts... Can't take the pressure... Feelings are overwhelming me... Can't concentrate...'

I then felt a flow of a cool liquid in my mouth. I was too distracted to realize what it was until I swallowed. I suddenly felt refreshed, renewed with vigour and strength. My hopes rose yet again, but fell just as fast when I remembered nothing was real. But my logic won out over me. If this isn't real, then where could my strength be coming from? If this was a dream, wouldn't I surely wake up if someone was making me drink?

I chose this time to believe - not because of hope, but because at the time, my theory made sense (if any). Feeling returned to my body parts; I found I could move.

I pushed my arms down and my body moved up. I did this again and my body shot up out of the hole. I was flying through the air; the ground was getting smaller under me and I could see for miles around... nothing but what was below me. Much to my surprise, I didn't start falling. I just remained there, floating in the air.

Something took me over and I started laughing hysterically. Nothing at all made sense, I was in a place where anything could happen. It just all seems ridiculous to me now, but I couldn't stop laughing. I felt great then, knowing nothing could hurt me. After all that I had been through, I finally realized what I had to do to end this hilarious torture...