Fires of Life
(C) Geoff May

Trapped as fire burns deep inside
Growing as the days pass by
Nothing he can do, but hold it down
Hoping that soon it will die

Pain and anger, torment and greed
Begin to take over his life
If he only had control of his emotions
He'd no longer be tempted for a knife

A large proud eagle soars over head
It's wings, mighty and strong
What he'd give for freedom like that
Nothing else would ever go wrong.

Now gates open wide, a blinding light shines through
And all his troubles are gone
A cross he sees, but it's empty, old and used
Then he knows, he sees the Son of God

The cross is a symbol, he's no longer there
Was buried, but rose from the grave
In heaven now, his purpose was good
Died for our sins, us to save

He felt his heart pound as it opened up wide
When pain gushed out with the wind
Then replacing that emptiness with a love so strong
He let Jesus come right on in

He extinguished the fires,
Poured water on his soul -
Opened it up
For the world to know

That he was new,
Risen above his past
And left ashes of pain
Down below