Ghost in the Closet
(C) Geoff May


Pure, total, complete, utter evil.
Any form of evil, whether demonic, supernatural,
Or even heartlessness, uncaring, hate or greed.
Each of these raises fear in me I have trouble not expressing.
Every man has a right to fear evil.
Every man should fear evil.
It can deceive the victim into believing
It holds the key to happiness.
But when he graciously accepts that key,
It becomes the lock that latches pain and suffering to his heart.
Caught off guard, he is captured in an instant
And may be forever scarred by it's imprint on his body, mind, or soul.
That is the goal of the devil.
Kick you while you're down.
Drag you down with him.
There is no good in him.
No glimmer of ethics, morals, or a conscience.
He has a one track mind - to grab hold and take advantage
Of our weaknesses and needs.
He's the child's 'boogey-man', or ghost in the closet.
He inhabits our nightmares and feeds on our fears.
He plants negative thoughts in our minds
To stir up dissention and create enemies between ourselves.
He's relentless, ruthless; he does not know the word mercy.
There are many fears in life, but this one sits at the top.
This fear controls all other fears.
However, there is only one comfort in life
That completely immobilizes this fear, and all other fears with it.
The most effective outlet to look to in times of need and trouble.
He is there
To protect
And love;
The good we need
To overcome the evil.
Think about it...